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June 4, 2019

$7 Million Water Reclamation Facility Upgrade Begins in Fall of 2019

On May 23rd a bid opening was held for the phase one water reclamation facility improvements project. Five bids were opened and read aloud ranging from $7,070,000 to $7,738,000. The low bidder was Whittaker Construction and Excavating with a bid in the amount of $6,979.845 after accepting items A through G and N. This project will be financed through a low interest IEPA loan and will not require a rate increase since a loan was paid off in 2017 and we targeted the annual dollar amount to reflect a continuation of that old annual payment.  Construction is anticipated to begin late summer/early fall of 2019 and will last approximately 18 months.  


IMG 2064

Rehab of existing maintenance garage

IMG 2062

Staff removed a facility on the grounds at a savings of thousands of dollars.

IMG 2067

System One Lift Station

IMG 2066

Anaerobic Lagoon

IMG 2065

Gas Handling Building

IMG 2068 2

Aeration tanks will be modified with new controls and instrumentation.

IMG 2071 1

Replace barscreen

IMG 2070 1

Replace Grit Washer

IMG 2069

Replace 3rd Blower with High Speed Blower