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January 12, 2015

Rochelle Sustainability Forum Kick-Off

Hot Chocolate and Cookies at Beacon on the Green January 27th 3:30 pm

According to Websters:

- able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed
- involving methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources
- able to last or continue for a long time

• Rochelle has made quite some effort to be renewable and progressive.  RMU just completed a 312 kW PhotoVoltaic Solar Plant west of the water treatment plant which is performing very well even in winter

• RMU has been encouraged recently by recognition of its actions on the business justification of its solar plant as well as its commitment to cogen methane reuse (Bio-Gas) reuse at the city's landfill.

• Rochelle businesses are engaged in sustainability efforts as presented at various service club events.

The purpose is to explore ideas and review the top related sustainability policies, programs and projects that have improved the economies of local governments.  The goal of Rochelle Municipal Sustainability Forum is to connect local government, constituents and utility customers to solutions for economic growth and a sustainable future. The meeting is meant to capture interest in this area.

Meeting will feature an introduction by Chester Kolodziej Freedom Field Energy of similar area and regional activities. Signup areas for interested parties will be available. Contact: Dan Westin (815) 561 2050