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September 13, 2018

RMU to Issue Credit to Residential Water Customers

Rochelle Municipal Utilities will issue a $4 credit to all Rochelle residential water customers due to recent discoloration related to a malfunction at Well 11.

On Saturday September 8th, crews were notified of a purple or black tint to water in several areas of Rochelle.  Upon further investigation, it was discovered that a malfunction had occurred in the treatment facility at Well 11.  Discoloration was caused by manganese, a mineral additive commonly used to reduce radium in the water supply.  RMU Staff consulted with the IEPA to confirm that there was never a risk to our residents and customers were advised via text alert, social media and local media to run water until clear before using.

As a result, a $4 credit will be issued to each residential water customer.  This amount reflects the cost of water and sewer for just over three hours of nonstop running of a residential sink faucet at two gallons per minute.  We sincerely apologize to our customers for this inconvenience and have taken steps to prevent further malfunction in our treatment plant. 

Water costs $3.06/100cuft. which equals 748 gallons or $.00409 per gallon.  Sewer charges equal $4.83/100cuft. which equals $.00645 per gallon.  Running a residential faucet for three hours nonstop at two gallons per minute equals 360 gallons used at $.0105/gallon for a total of $3.79.  The refund issued will be an even $4.00.  Customers may expect to see the refund in approximately four to six weeks due to the current place in our billing cycle.