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August 11, 2015

RMU Successfully Completes PJM Integration August 1st

Rochelle Municipal Utilities is pleased to announce successful integration with the Regional Transmission Operator PJM. This is the final step in concluding the activities that are required for the earlier press release regarding the successful order from FERC as to RMU’s annual Transmission Tariff.

According to Dan Westin of RMU: “This has been a horserace since the hour we received the FERC Order June 23rd. Every hour has counted.
The best way to describe the complexity and impact of this project is the sheer number of personnel from many different organizations adding up to over one hundred fifteen. These people are in organizations such as government regulatory entities such as FERC, reliability oversight institutions such as NERC and Reliability First, Engineering Firms such as Gridforce, Power Systems Engineering, Sargent&Lundy, accounting firm Baker Tilly, training entities such as SOS International, PJM’s personnel in all disciplines, COMED’s personnel in Network Design and Operations, further Regulatory and Tariff Guidance, Boardman and Clark, Bethel Electric Rate consulting and of course all the personnel in RMU’s Generation Plant as well as Transmission and Distribution, Advanced Communications and admin.”

Rochelle Municipal Utility received June 23rd a FERC tariff for its 20 miles of 138 kV transmission assets that before this tariff were paid for by customer rates.
The tariff allows for $ 1.2 Million per year in operational revenue requirements which essentially comes into RMU as credits towards its transmission expenditures.
Next year this tariff will increase to $ 1.7 Million per year. Over a 30 year period the net present value of these credit streams amount to tens of millions of dollars.