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May 22, 2024

RMU Running Backup Well

Due to an equipment malfunction at a Rochelle industrial facility, demand for water at the facility has increased significantly over the past day.  As a result, RMU water crews will be running Well 8, the utility's backup well to alleviate any strain on the water system.  Well 8 is located on Caron Road and is higher in iron than other wells, and therefore is currently only utilized as a backup.  The water is completely safe for consumption and RMU has plans to begin construction on an iron removal plant at the Well 8 site later this year to be in operation in late 2025.  Water from Well 8 will mainly provide a reserve in our towers and supply the industrial park areas south of town, however some residents may experience discolored water due to its operation.  

Our team is in contact with the industry which has already identified the issue and is working to correct it, which will immediately decrease the demand for additional water supply.  Use of the backup well will be discontinued as soon as possible.