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April 26, 2016

RMU Customers Notified of Radium Level

On April 13, 2016 Rochelle Municipal Utilities was notified that the level of radium sampled at one of the City’s four wells exceeded the maximum contaminant level. The maximum level for radium is 5PCI/L and our average for last year was 6PCI/L. The affected well is now offline and RMU will be considering different treatment options to remove the radium for future use.

Radium is a naturally occurring element and is commonly found in deep aquifer systems in northern Illinois. Many surrounding communities are removing radium from their water supply due to exceeding levels in the past.

Rochelle operates four wells and we are able to pump more water from the remaining three which are routinely tested.

Below is the official public notice and more detailed information on radium in water.

  pdf Offical Notice (59 KB)

pdf Radium Fact Sheet (215 KB)