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February 29, 2016

RMU Assures Customers of Safe Drinking Water

In light of recent news stories regarding the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan, Rochelle Municipal Utilities takes this opportunity to reassure customers of our consistent efforts to keep local drinking water safe.

Rochelle Municipal Utilities has worked to protect consumers against lead in drinking water for many years. Lead is a common, naturally occurring metal found throughout the environment. Lead enters drinking water primarily as a result of corrosion or the wearing away of materials in the service lines and home plumbing. RMU adds water treatment chemicals to prevent corrosion of the water system piping.

In 1991, the EPA published the Lead and Copper Rule. This rule requires that all public drinking water systems regularly test a sample of high-risk homes for lead at the tap. RMU routinely tests for lead and copper in the water at random locations. In addition to the random testing, RMU is initiating additional testing to ensure the water is not corrosive and chemical additives are not creating lead in the water.

RMU publishes an annual water quality report to provide citizens with important information about the drinking water and the efforts made by the water system to provide safe drinking water. The report can be found on RMU’s website at or at the RMU Customer Service Department at 333 Lincoln Highway in Rochelle.

Citizens can reduce the possibility of lead in water at the tap by flushing water that has been sitting for several hours for 30 seconds to 2 minutes before using water for drinking or cooking. Additional information about lead can be obtained by calling the EPA Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791 or from the EPA website

If you have any questions, please call Adam Lanning, Water Superintendent at 815-562-4155.