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April 26, 2013

Electrical Rate Modification Explanations


The approved 2013 May 1st electric rate schedules have been created and represent an overall rate increase of approximately 2%.

A typical residential customer with an average electric bill of $79.40 will see an increase of $5.04 in the four summer months and a reduction by $3.09 per month in the eight non-summer months if the resident makes no changes to energy use.

The energy cost per energy unit has been decreased and the base cost has been increased.  This gives the user more control over energy costs and the potential to lower their overall energy expenses by using energy efficient appliances and investments.

Seasonal Rates

Summer peaks have been increasing over the past couple of years.  This is due to increased use of air conditioning, appliances and multiple electronics in the home.  The summer energy peaks drive the overall costs of energy.  With seasonal rates the cost of energy will provide a better base for the economic use of energy.

What You Can Do To Save On Your Energy Costs

RMU has introduced additional energy saving incentives to support residential customers in cost savings especially during the summer months.  RMU strongly encourages customers to schedule an air conditioning tune-up to ensure it's functioning properly.  Adequate attic insulation and the use of ceiling fans are two great ways to drive down energy costs during the summer.  The RMU Energy Saving incentives are available now at  If you have any questions or need additional information, call the RMU Customer Service Office at 815-562-4155.

RMU Helpful Energy Efficiency Tips

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