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October 29, 2015

Commercial Energy Savings Program Offered

RMU has created a partnership with Rochelle’s local HVAC contractors and two product vendors Bes-Tech and REGEN for a Roof Top Unit Add-on Incentive program.

RMU will rebate up to $3,680 of the cost of the Bes-Tech’s Digi-RTU add-on for RTU’s of sizes 1-20 ton. For the REGEN product RMU will reimburse 50% of each complete installation.

RMU has provided training to the local HVAC contractors Anderson and C&C who are certified and ready to take orders for installation of these Add-ons which provide up to 40% energy savings. The performance has been verified by RMU in two local facilities over the summer of 2015 based on a Grant from American Public Power Association’s DEED program (Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Developments).

Criteria for RTU’s to be accepted into the program: The rooftop unit has to be well maintained, not older than 20 years and needs to be under a three year maintenance program. The unit also had to be operating within its design parameters. The unit has to be connected into RMU’s demand management system which requires the facility to be part of partial curtailment during the 20 days of peak alerts during the summer. Environmental requirements will be managed during those days by the technology that these products provide.

Contact RMU Customer Service for more information on this program. (815) 562-4155

RMU is continuously looking at ways to reduce cost of energy to its customers in Rochelle and surrounding areas.