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Electric Department

Electric Department

Owned by the people it serves, RMU's Electric Division is committed to providing reliable electric service to residents and businesses in Rochelle and the surrounding area at a reasonable market cost.


The distribution system that transports power to our homes and businesses consists of over 300 miles of electrical wire, continually maintained by local crews.

Electric Production

RMU owns and operates three generating stations, totaling 22Mw of generating capacity. All three generating stations are supplied by natural gas, a cleaner burning fuel, just one of RMU's commitments to our citizens and customers to provide environmentally sound emissions. Our 9th Street station has been in operation since 1955, which houses 8 fully operational units. Our second station located on Caron Road houses two units, fully operational at 3Mw. The last of our stations (pictured to the right) was put in service into 2000 and operates to meet summer peak needs at 4.5Mw.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

The two-person engineering division oversees construction standards and provides updated mapping documents for use by RMU's four divisions on a daily basis. Measures are taken to insure that databases are constantly updated to deliver RMU with the latest and most current possible. In addition, the department also monitors and controls all electrical sub-stations and associated distribution owned by RMU via the most up-to-date SCADA system.

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