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Rochelle Municipal Utilities

Appliance Incentive Program - Residential


The Residential Appliance Incentive Program is designed to assist our residential customers with making their home more energy efficient and reduce our electric demand. RMU will give the customer a portion of the predicted energy savings from the use of approved energy saving appliances. 

The approved appliances and the incentives amounts are listed below:

  • Energy Star Central Air Conditioner Unit  $ 300
  • Energy Star Refrigerator $100.00
  • Energy Star Freezer $150.00
  • Energy Star Window Air Conditioner $ 75.00
  • Energy Star Dishwasher $ 35.00
  • Central Air Conditioner Tune-Up   $ 35.00

The Residential Appliance Incentive Program will be available between May 1st and December 31st of each year or until funds are exhausted. The applicant must be a current RMU customer.   The items must be purchased from a Rochelle business and the applicant will be required to provide proof that the old unit was properly disposed. 

The RMU customer must submit a completed Appliance Incentive Application form, a copy of the sales receipt, the FTC Energy Guide label and proof the old unit was properly disposed. Once the application is complete, the customer will receive an incentive within four to six weeks.

Cash rebates available to customers of Nicor Gas and Rochelle Municipal Utilities for upgrading to high efficiency equipment. Visit for more information

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