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Rochelle Municipal Utilities

Communications Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does RMU Offer High Speed Internet Access?

A: In addition to our reliable, dial-up access, RMU Advanced Communications offers reliable high speed wireless and fiber optic Internet access.

RMU Wireless brings your home or business access speeds from 5 to 20+ times faster than conventional dial-up access.

Q: Is the Internet down?

A: No, and there is not much of a possibility of that actually happening. Small portions may be unreachable due to line cuts, servers being down, routers being down, etc but you should be able to reach most areas of the Internet almost always.

Q: Why does my e-mail program keep asking for my password?

A: If your e-mail client (i.e. Outlook Express) is configured correctly, chances are your mailbox is "locked". This will happen if the process of collecting mail from the server was interrupted before it was completed (which will properly terminate the process on the server). Usually waiting 15 minutes before accessing your mail again will clear this up.

If you are using our web based e-mail client, you will receive the error: POP3 returned -ERR Can't get lock. Mailbox in use.

Q: If I Need Help, Who Do I Contact?

A: If you are having technical support problems call one of our qualified technicians at (815) 562-3562 or e-mail our technical support staff at . Please allow 24 hours for an e-mail response.

If you have billing questions please call (815) 562-4155. The RMU Customer Service Staff will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Q: Who is RMU Advanced Communications, and why the name change?

A: Quite frankly, we have outgrown our name. We have gone from offering dial-up Internet access, e-mail services and web hosting in 1996, to offering a full spectrum of advanced communication services today. Our name needed to reflect this.

We are (and have always been) a division of RMU. With over 100 years of service to the Rochelle community, RMU is a name you know and trust, one which we are proud to be associated with.

Q: What is your service area, what are your local access numbers?

A: RMU Advanced Communications provides the following dial-up access exchanges: 562, 561, 393, 384.*

Our wireless covers an approximate 12 mile radius around our three base antennas located in Rochelle, Oregon and Lindenwood. For more information on our wireless systems and maps of our coverage area click here .

The RMU fiber access is available in many areas of Rochelle, and expanding. Please call for availability.

*Please contact your telephone service provider for rates to these exchanges.