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Rochelle Municipal Utilities

Fiber Optic Internet Access

Why Fiber Optic Internet Access?

  • FAST Access to the Internet and other IP-based Services (Five to 200 times faster than dial-up!)
  • Broadband services possilbe (VPNs, VLANS, etc.)
  • Convenient - Suitable for connecting several computers or your entire network to the Internet at the same time.
  • Immediate Connectivity - Subscriber is "Always On".
  • Unlimited data transfer! No "per gigabyte" limits either upstream or down.

Additional Services

  • Router
  • Mail Server
  • Firewall
  • Web Server
  • Additional
  • IP Addresses
  • Unlimited Dial-Up Account - $4.95 per month

Business Pricing

Pricing - Corporate Business

Small/Medium Office
Unlimited Bandwidth
Speeds Up To:
5 Mb Download & Upload
Up to 10 PCs
E-mail Accounts
Static IPs
Phone Lines
Large Office
Unlimited Bandwidth
Speeds Up To:
10 Mb Download & Upload
Unlimited PCs
E-mail Accounts
Static IPs
Phone Lines
Corporate Office
Unlimited Bandwidth
Speeds Up To:
100 Mb Download & Upload
Unlimited PCs
E-Mail Accounts
Static IPs
Phone Service

Additional Fiber Services Pricing

Point to Point Fiber

PI - Dark Fiber
$374.95 Per Month
Dark Fiber Point to Point
Call for details
Residential Fiber Access
$49.95 Per Month
Limited Availability
Call for availability and speeds

***For a secure reliable Point to Point connection use Point to Point Fiber.

Activation Fees for all Fiber Plans are dependent on Contract Length.

  • One Year Contract $600
  • Two Year Contract $300
  • Three Year Contract - No Activation Fee